KT Solar Panel Solar Mounting Brackets 4 B/Pack

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The new & stylish KT Aluminium Solar Mounting Bracket Kit is ideal for mounting solar panels to a fixed surface such as the roof of vehicles | 4x4s | Caravans | Motorhomes | Sheds or Boats.

The Solar Mounting Brackets are designed to suit 5 watt up to 150 watt Sized Solar Panel Frames. Anodised for both aesthetic and practical purposes. The anodisation provides more protection against weather and corrosion resistance allowing the mounting hardware to be used both on and offshore. Included in the pack are both traditional silver and anodised black mounting hardware.

The black hardware is designed for mounting brackets to the desired surface for an aesthetically pleasing look and the silver hardware is designed to affix the bracket to the solar panel. The brackets are designed to align with factory drilled holes in the frame of your solar panel.

Length: 101mm
Width: 66mm
Height: 43mm