KT Solar Anodised “Ezy” Small Mounting Rails

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The New and Innovative KT EZY Rails are ideal for mounting solar panels to a variety of surfaces such as your 4WD | Camper Trailer | Boat or Caravan.
The KT Ezy rails are completely customisable | with multiple mounting points pre-drilled into the corrosion resistant extrusion and the added option of cutting the rails to the required length for the particular application. KT EZY Rails are a one-piece solution which can be adapted to suit a variety of Solar Panel sizes.
The unique design allows an important air gap from the mounting surface allowing ventilation and preventing overheating and water ingress. The KT EZY Rails are manufactured using an anti-corrosive | robust anodised aluminium extrusion making it suitable for automotive and marine applications where it may be subject to coastal saltwater enviroments.

Length: 800mm
Width: 40mm
Height: 32mm