KT SOLAR 8AMP 12V PWM Solar Charge Regulator

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The KT 8 Amp Solar Charge Regulator is designed to regulate the amount of charge coming from the panel that flows into the deep cycle battery in order to avoid batteries being overcharged. The regulator can also provide a direct connection to appliances while continuing to recharge the battery i.e. you can run appliance directly from it bypassing the battery bank; however the batteries will continue to be charged. KTs range of solar regulators are PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Which are the most commonly used as they do not use moving parts like MPPT controller making them suitable for use on panels that are constantly being transported or moved eg; on the roof of a caravan fitted to the back of a transportable folding solar panel etc.

Height: 60mm
Width: 105mm
Depth: 35mm

Suitable for Solar Panels up to 135 Watts. Suits AGM-GEL-WET-Calcium Batteries.