Battery Pack – 4 Cell 7.4v Refurbished

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Product Features:
– Nominal Capacity 6800mAh (0.2C Discharge)
– Minimum Capacity 6700mAh (0.2C Discharge)
– Nominal Voltage 7.4V
– Charge Cut-off Voltage 8.4V
– Discharge Cut-off Voltage 5.5V
– Internal Impedance = 180m?
– Standard Charge Current 0.2C
– Rapid Charge Current 0.5C (CC/CV 3400mA 8.4V 68mA)
– Standard Discharge Current 0.2C
– Weight Appro. 191g
– Max Discharge Current 0.5C (Ambient temperature 25 )

Standard Charge
– Constant Voltage(CV) Charging at 8.4V to cut-off current=0.01C
– Constant Current(CC) Charging at 0.2C to 8.4V
– Standard Discharge
– Constant Current (CC) Discharge at 0.2C to cut-off voltage of 5.5V