Battery: Motorcycle AGM 12V 310CCA Black Case

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Length (mm): 175
Width (mm): 87
Height (mm): 175
Voltage: 12
CCA: 310
Holddown: B0
Ahrs 20: 21
Total Height (mm): 155
Terminal Type: 4
Assembly: 0
Weight (Kg): 7
Technology: AGM Starting

Replacement for: 12N16 3A 12N16 3B 12N16 4A 12N16 4B YTX20BS YTX20HBS YTX20LBS YTX20HLBS YTX20HLBSPW YB16A YB16A2 YB16B YB16B2 YB16HLACX SYB16LB YB16LA YB16LA2 YB16LB YB16LB2 YB16CB YB16CLB YB16BCX 65989-97A